At the Edris Salon in lower Manhattan, Edris and Joshua determine that Kenisha needs some contrast; her hair, a deep brown, is the same color as her eyes. They decide to bring her natural shade up to a medium brown and add caramel highlights. "That will give her a halo effect around her face and make her gorgeous eyes stand out more," says Joshua. (Kenisha is very quiet during the consultation. "Are you okay?" I ask. "I'm just listening," she tells me, "trying to remember everything everyone says.") Joshua applies a honey-colored dye to Kenisha's hair, which he rinses after about 15 minutes. Then he dries her hair and applies the highlights. "I'm giving you the golden child look," he says. Post-highlights, she does, indeed, look as if she has a subtle golden halo. Does she like it, this heavenly influence? "Oh, my, yes," she says, smiling angelically.

(Above) Kenisha's Daytime Look: With her overall haircolor "lifted" a shade, the addition of caramel highlights, and a graduated bob, Kenisha's hair flatters her gorgeous face. Her brows, lightened slightly, are waxed into a cleaner shape and filled in with brow pencil. Sheer gloss emphasizes her lovely mouth.


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