If You Have...
A Forehead Filled with Expression:
If your forehead is wrinkly, cover it up. You don't have to commit to bangs of yesteryear! Whether you go á la "Bardot" or elongated to either side, the new bang is versatile but will definitely turn back the clock.

Crows Feet: Incorporate face-framing layers and a side fringe into your current style to hide these lines.

Softened Jawline: As we age our jawline softens and our neck begins to wrinkle. If a soft jawline bothers you, then opt for a style that is just long enough to layer around your neck to take the focus away from this area.

Focus on the Positive
Now that we've hidden all of our secrets, let's focus on the positive. Embrace your spirit and live in the moment!

What do you feel are your most beautiful features? If you have a graceful neck, go for a great short cut! If your eyes are your best feature then cut some bangs and give them all the attention! If you have great cheekbones, then let's see them—layer around and open up the face!

Healthy hair is also a sign of youth. As we age our hair becomes dry and brittle, losing its shine. Mature hair has fewer natural oils, so it needs less cleansing and more conditioning! Soft and shiny hair will definitely make you look and feel younger.

Soft and airy hairstyles: They appear light and tend to open and lift the face. Also, choosing a hairstyle with movement will show that you can still be playful.

Be sexy! Remember, never lose "sexy" in your hair vocabulary!

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