JW: What are the hair products or tools every woman should have in their bathroom?

AW: You should have the very best shampoo and conditioner you can afford. One or two styling products such as holding spray, shine, wax or pomade. A natural bristle brush to use at least once a day. Brushing is very good way to distribute natural oils and also to brush away day-old sprays and everyday dirt. And, of course, a dryer and maybe a curling iron.

JW: What are your favorite products?

AW: I love Frédéric Fekkai and Neil George products. I'm working on a line of my own that will be available soon.

JW: What do you think a woman's hair should say about her?

AW: It's an obvious example of how she cares for herself. It can also make a statement about her personality (i.e., conservative, artistic, simple or flamboyant).

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