JW: In Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair, we meet a number of women who say they can't get enough relaxer. How often do you recommend women get their hair relaxed? Are certain relaxers better than others?

AW: There are so many different types of relaxers on the market...some are better on different hair types than others. No-lye relaxers are better on color-treated hair than lye relaxers. Brazilian relaxers are great for frizzy, curly hair that needs just a bit of control and are not very damaging.

JW: What should women look for in a weave, and what are the best ways to maintain one?

AW: Weaves can serve many purposes: (1) to add hair where there are fine thin areas, (2) to add hair where breakage or alopecia has occurred, (3) to give yourself that texture of hair you always wanted or just to add length.Weaves should be tightened or replaced every two to three months.

JW: Times are tough. Do you have any tips on how to get a great look without spending a fortune?

AW: Stretch your salon visits an extra week. If you normally have your hair cut every four weeks, this can save you from paying for 16 cuts a year to 14.

JW: Solange Knowles made headlines when she decided to go natural. What's your advice for women who want to embrace their own hair?

AW: If you want to embrace you natural texture, you should accept that your styling choices are limited to what you texture can do, and that is different for everyone.


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