Q: As a first-grade teacher, I end each day covered in glue, orange juice, and finger paint. Are there stylish, affordable clothes that can survive the kids?
A: Being a teacher is as hard and important a job as being a mom—and when you're dealing with 6-year-olds, just as messy! Go for low-maintenance fabrics: stain-resistant, wrinkle-free pieces that emerge from the washer and dryer looking polished (try Banana Republic's new no-iron shirts). A fabric protector like WonderCare (from $11) will also help. And develop a stylish, authoritative uniform: a well-fitting top and pants or trouser-style jeans—get a pair designed to prevent gapping (like Riders by Lee, $20) when you crouch.

Adam's A+ list for a mess-proof wardrobe


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