Q: What's the chic way to wear a scarf?

A: You've come to the right man—I'm such a collector, my scarf drawer runneth over. I regard scarves as jewelry, not just a way to stay warm (though they are indispensable in freezing airplanes). The most versatile are scarves you can wear indoors or out—long rectangles of fine wool; lightweight blends involving cashmere or silk (thicker knits are harder to work with). Scarves add personality, color, and pattern to any basic outfit. Plus, if you're not loving your neck, they're fabulous camouflage.

Winter scarves??Adam's Scarf Lesson (from top):

1. Tie free ends loosely in front or wrap them around neck and knot to one side.

2. Drape scarf around neck so free ends hang down your back, then cross ends and bring around so they hang in front of chest.

3. Fold scarf in half, drape around neck, and pull free ends through loop.

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D; styling: Claire Tedaldi for Halley Resources


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