Severe cut gray hair transformation

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Problem: Severe cut
Susan McGraw, 53
Real estate agent and model

First gray sighting: "In my early 30s my hairdresser handed me a mirror, showed me the back of my head, and said, 'Did you know you're going gray?'"

Her reaction: "I just let it happen. About 10 years later, I was divorced and getting very salt-and-pepper. My hairdresser kept telling me to dye my hair because it was making me look old. Finally I said, 'If you ever say that to me again, I'm not coming back.' He stopped. I thought my hair was beautiful. I still do. Instead of dark chocolate hair, I have this elegant silver mane."

She'll consider dyeing her hair when: Hell freezes over. "I've never dyed it, and I never will."

Juan Carlos Maciques' solution: "Gray hair can look harsh with a severe cut. A few layers around her face would soften her look. I used large hot rollers to give her body and waves, which bring out her beautiful cheekbones."