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Create Your Own Path
When Whoopi Goldberg struggled to find her place as a woman of color in show business, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her one-woman show, The Spook Show.

"I had to write a show so they could see what I was capable of doing. So I came to New York and I did it. And for the first few days nobody came. And then an amazing review got written and the next thing I knew Bette Midler was in the audience and then there was 15 people in the audience, and then 30, and then full capacity and then we were able to expand. Then Mike Nichols came and he said, 'I love the show and I'd love to produce it for you.' I thought he was kidding, but my phone rang a month-and-a-half later. And then six months later we were at the Lyceum."