True freedom enables you to accept both good and bad without identifying with either. It is seeing things as they are and not being attached to your own preferences. Freedom is an inner awareness, a knowing that nothing can touch the truth of who you are; it is the "I am" that is within you and everyone.

For many people, some form of spiritual practice, such as meditation, can be very helpful. This doesn't have to be religious in any way and can be as simple as taking three breaths with awareness and intent. It is any activity that connects you to your inner heart and the magic of being alive. In this way, you can enter that place where you know yourself as truly free.
Stop and Pay Attention Meditation
Freedom is in every moment, not in the future, not in the past, but right now.

Every so often throughout the day, just stop what you are doing and look around you. Breathe, smell and be aware of this extraordinary world you live in.

Each time you stop, pay attention. Notice how easily your mind takes you into mindless thoughts, dreams and dramas, past or future fantasies—anywhere than just being here now.

Be aware of what is right in front of you and the wonder of it all.

Ed and Deb Shapiro are the authors of Be The Change, How Meditation Can Transform You and the World. They are featured weekly contributors to, and Ed and Deb write Sprint's The Daily CHILLOUT inspirational text messages. They have three meditation CDs: Metta: Loving Kindness and Forgiveness, Samadhi: Breath Awareness and Insight and Yoga Nidra: Inner Conscious Relaxation. Deb is also the author of the best-selling book Your Body Speaks Your Mind, winner of the 2007 Visionary Book Award.

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