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 Q: What is the best way to work through worry and fear rationally? I feel I am a very spiritual person. I believe from the depth of my soul in God, Jesus Christ and—as a Catholic—every saint known to man. I pray every day and love openly and honestly and forgive in that same manner, as I truly believe that is what this life is all about and what God expects of me. However, it seems so irrational that I live in fear and worry all the time. I worry about my children, grandchild, parents, myself, husband, work, money, sickness, accidents, health and on and on and on. I feel very optimistic and happy and so blessed to live the life I do. It's almost like I have such fulfillment that I feel guilty, so I worry and am afraid of what's around the corner.

With gratitude,

— Debbie L., Overland Park, Kansas

Dear Debbie,

You can't "work through worry and fear rationally," because fear isn't rational! Only love—not reason—can cast out fear. And we must operate from love, not just "believe" in it. That means atoning for our own mistakes and making amends where necessary. It means seeking to forgive even when it's hard, making the effort to love unconditionally because that is how God loves you. It means placing all your problems in the hands of God, who alone can lift the burden of a worried and fearful heart.

It sounds like you are trying to do those things, which says to me that it's time for you to consider a daily spiritual practice. My book A Return to Love is like the shortcut study guide for A Course in Miracles. See if either of them speak to you; and if not, I'm sure the Spirit will deliver to you the path that is perfect for you.


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