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 Q: My husband and I married young and raised four children. Our marriage is great, we are financially stable, and we have good friends and a close family. The problem? Our 31-year-old son has been knocked down hard this past year. Divorce (she no longer wanted the "burden" of a house and marriage), trying to sell a home he cannot afford on his own (in this economy!), a second DUI, which has landed him now in jail for two days and, as a consequence, a job loss. His attitude is good, his outlook positive, but how do I keep from falling apart and worrying myself sick? I've been praying A LOT and supporting him with love (not money). I'm trying to look for the positive in this, but it's very difficult.

— Sheri S., Columbus, Nebraska

Dear Sheri,
The key to your answer lies in the fact that your son is 31 years old. He is not a child, but a man. At this point in his life, he is served best by a mother who respects him enough to believe with absolute conviction that he has it within him to deal with his problems like an adult and move on, than by a mother who puts out the energy that perhaps we won't be able to handle his own problems. Do you see how this works? Your believing he is strong enough to handle all these things (with God's help of course) will create the energy of support that he most needs now. Pray for him continually, in the closet of your own heart, and miracles in his life will never cease.


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