If you consider that there may be meaning in the disappointments of life and that the universe is compassionate and wise, you will be able to open yourself to authentic power—the real power within yourself.
  • Learn to control your negativity. Your life does not have to be unfair.
  • You need to put yourself in a place of surrender. Be open to the possibilities that can change your life—they may bring you a greater sense of joy and fulfillment.
Consider the "bad" event in your life as a wake-up call to truly appreciate your life as it was. Ask yourself, "What am I supposed to learn from this?" Once you surrender to your anger, you will find room for other things in your life.

Dealing with Pain
  • You should be gentle with yourself and realize that the pain may be part of your spiritual growth.
  • You should not judge another's pain.
  • Your perception of what is happening will determine your outlook on life.


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