Many of us tend to ask, "Why me?" when we are experiencing some pain in life and allow ourselves to become a prisoner of that pain.
  • Trust that there may be something meaningful, powerful and purposeful happening.
  • Declaring yourself as a victim may only perpetuate the experience and your pain.
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Gary says, "The world around you does not deceive you. It does not lie to you. What you experience reflects a creative or created impulse within you.

"The question is not 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' There are not bad things and good things. There are consequences of choices made. There are effects of causes in which you participated.

"So if you look at your life and say, 'But I'm a positive person, why is it that these things are now happening to me?' Well, there's several ways to look at this. Number one is, if you were to wake up in your life today, you would still experience what you have created in the past. This is karma. Energy is energy, and you cannot escape it — and there's a good reason for that."
  • If you feel that the Universe is unfair, it will be unfair. No matter what happens to you, nothing is unfair. The Universe doesn't judge you, so why should you judge it?
  • When you blame others and view yourself as a victim, you create negative karma.
  • What you see in others is what you need to see in yourself. If you are surrounded by angry people, you are probably an angry person, too.


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