There are many fine examples of prophecy in the Bible. Although Christians are cautioned to beware of false prophets, aren't the false prophets in the Bible the ones who lead people toward a belief for their own gain? Jesus was a prophet and a healer, but he didn't use his gift of prophecy to save his own life. Instead, he allowed his life to be taken, so that all could be saved. Good intuition allows for good planning. It has nothing to do with belief or prophecy.

You use your intuition all of the time. You can't "get rid" of the ability to perceive the future, know each other's thoughts or send our own. All of you can feel what it is to be another. However, when you know this about yourself and take responsibility for its proper use, just as you would with your words and deeds, you are forced to use it according to your individual beliefs. Prophecy is typically told to a prophet who then spreads the word. But intuition is future-related, so you have the choice to use it only for your own knowledge and betterment.

Someone once asked me in a workshop, "How do you know that you work, your ability, isn't a 'gift' from the devil?" I responded with the truth: "I don't. Does anyone?" You are each responsible for how you use all your abilities, whether your intellect, your speech, your emotions, your bodies, your money or your influence. No power or tool forces you to do harm in order to be "lead astray." You need to be willing participants. Personal responsibility is an important aspect of being human. If your intuition is "of the devil," he must be very upset with what the good people in the world do with it!

It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. The more you feel you can see the future and act in the present to change it, the less fear you have. You have choices. While future events, in my experience, can be predicted, if you are active in your life, you create them as well. In fact, the best use of prediction is to know that an unproductive event is coming and to do something differently now.

How to Rule the World from Your Couch is not about someone else telling you the future, but your own knowing and awareness of what's ahead. Often, you don't want to see what's right before your eyes. Then, it is helpful to have someone else, perhaps someone else who has done my "couch training," to be your guide. I would never encourage someone to give up their beliefs or their ability to create their future to any other person, no matter what their "title" may be.

Belief is more powerful than any tool. No matter what you believe, if you believe something is wrong, chances are, you will be unable to use it effectively. Your subconscious and super-ego will throw too many obstacles in your way. This is why criminals can use intuition to create perfect crimes when the average person would and could not. Who you are determines how you use all of your abilities. The values of modesty, humility, generosity, integrity, honesty, family and community are shared by all religions. I am sure you know the Sabbath believer who goes to worship and then breaks the commandments all week. You may also know good people who live godly lives but rarely give themselves the pleasure of worshiping in community.

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