If you could lay your hands on this suffering world and heal, it would you? If you could give information to comfort and guide the lost, wouldn't you? If you could save jobs by preparing your company for the future, would you?
I received a letter from a reader that began, "I struggle with my desire to have a 'glimpse' into what might happen in my life with my Christianity that teaches me psychics and looking into your future is against God's will." She continued, "Biblically, we are not to look to psychics or horoscopes, etc. I understand being a better 'you', loving yourself, that's all healthy stuff. You are advertised as a psychic, which is different than the self-help stuff and self-intuition. If I trusted my intuition, I wouldn't want someone else to tell me what my future held. I'm sure somewhere in here it's all about changing me, but when really? I'd just like someone to look into life's crystal ball and reassure me about my future."

This letter touched me. The writer clearly wanted to use intuitive skills and perhaps other techniques not recognized or possibly condoned by her faith to better her life without betraying her faith. People are faced with this question every day. Are your tools in line with your beliefs? Are your prayers, and even your behaviors, in line with what you believe to be the right thing?

Most of us are our worst critics. Most people work very hard to stay on the right side of goodness. But, there's a lot of gray between the black-and-white lines of life. Intuition is a powerful tool that is an innate part of every human being. When used properly, it gives direction, shows you how to help others and what they need from you. It allows you to create success in your life and communities and so many other things. Intuition is not a religion or even a belief.

I teach many people who are not believers how to use their intuition. Often, their companies hire me to train them to work together, know their market and create products that succeed. They don't know how to use their brains in a consistently accurate and successful way, but once they do the first exercise, they have proof that intuition gives valuable information. They don't need to become believers.

A good scientist suspends judgment and runs the experiment anyway. But I'm not talking about science, I'm talking about faith. Faith is the beliefs you hold, even when you don't have concrete proof. Faith is unique to every individual. Anyone who tries to undermine your faith is not a helpful person to you. However, new challenges can make you examine your faith. If you truly believe, this experience will only make your faith stronger.

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