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3. Tap Your Motivation
Having a goal is great. But as Martha Beck can tell you, making sure you have the incentive to stick with it is even better.

Now that you've framed your passion as a goal, it's time to think about what you'll need to stay passionate as you pursue it. Everyone has innate preferences for certain kinds of experience. Some people live to connect socially, others crave moments of personal insight, while still others thrive on the feeling of being the best. Whatever drives you, if you act in accordance with that drive as you move toward your goals, you'll tend to stay on track. If there's a disconnect, you're far more likely to find reasons to lose interest.

This part of our workbook will help you figure out, motivation-wise, what makes you tick. That insight will, in turn, help you reassess the feasibility of your goal. Think of it as a reality check for your dreams.

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