"I know for sure that all experiences contribute to who we're meant to be."
Here's the truth: I wanted to do an issue on adventurous spirit so I'd be inspired to experience more of it myself.

My life is overwhelmingly busy, just like yours. And filled with so many responsibilities and must-dos that when I stumble across some free time, I just want to sleep. Or read. My favorite place to be in the world other than reading under the oaks at my house in California is anywhere in Italy. And even then I'm looking for a good place to nestle in with a book.

But I'm open to changing my ways.

The idea of doing something unexpected, something unpredictable—daring myself to tune in to another way of seeing and feeling things—intrigues me.

When I was recording the narration for Life, the 11-part nature series on the Discovery channel, I realized once again that all life has value. (Haven't killed an ant or fly since.) And I know for sure that all experiences have value and meaning, too, and contribute to who we're meant to be.

Stepping out and doing what you've always wanted to do—even if it's not dinner at the foot of the Pyramids but just a picnic for two on the porch (both of which I've been meaning to get around to)—is saying yes to life. And that's something I'm sure we could all use a little more of.

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