• The first paragraph of a novel that completely captures you.
  • Checking off the last thing on the Saturday to-do list.
  • Coming home to your old room and slipping underneath sheets washed by Mom, surrounded by old books, photos, and a big collection of your "stuff."
  • The combined look of surprise, gratitude, and arousal in a man's eyes when you invite him in.
  • Friday night, 6:30 p.m., after a long, hard week.
  • The first time your child gives you something and says, "I made this for you."
  • Rushmore.... Also: The Princess Bride, True Romance, and anything starring Clive Owen.
  • A big plate of nachos after a long day of skiing.
  • Losing yourself in an hour of contortions. There really is something to "breathing through your body," as they say in yoga.
  • A child smiling at you in the grocery store line.
  From the sporty (soccer) to the sexy (little kisses on the neck) to the small but magnificent (steamy showers, homemade whipped cream, throwing things out), O, The Oprah Magazine and Oprah.com created "bliss lists." Feel free to add, adapt and borrow—when you create your own!

Your Personal Bliss List
What gets you blissed out? Print out this form and list your joyful moments! Then, hang it up for when you need a bliss reminder.PDF

Oprah.com wanted in on the joy....here's a sampling of the little things we adore!

What makes the staff at Oprah.com purr?
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