Have Flab, Will Travel

Four more resorts to help you kick-start a fitness regimen.

The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge, Ivins, Utah
Brace yourself for 12-hour days of training and calorie-restricted meals. From $1,995 per week;

Canyon Ranch, Lenox, Massachusetts
Choose from 40-plus fitness classes at this luxurious hideaway. From $2,060 for a three-night stay;

The Oaks at Ojai, Ojai, California
The belly dance classes and hula hoop workouts will leave you panting—and the 1,000-calorie daily limit may take some getting used to—but the hikes in Ojai valley offer views that make it all worthwhile. From $199 per night;

Villa Ananda, Punta Burros, Mexico
This Ayurvedic spa on the Pacific Coast offers a restorative regimen of yoga, massage, nutrition counseling, and nature walks. $2,450 for seven-day Heart to Core retreat;

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