Elizabeth Spratt, the director of the lab where Diane's toxicology report was conducted, says the results are 100 percent correct. "There is no chance of error. We did a lot of work. We have standards. Controls. Checking and rechecking that we do for all of our work," she says. "This is standard for anything we do in the laboratory, and we stand by everything we reported."

Elizabeth says each victim was tested, but only Diane had traces of marijuana and alcohol in her system. "I feel very sad for the entire tragedy, but I know that our results are accurate and we did many samples. We didn't just do a blood sample to see that the alcohol level was here," she says. "We did vitreous humor [fluid testing behind the eyes], which was even higher. We did gastric contents. We did brain and urine, so we know that these all match with the alcohol level in the blood."

The Schuler family has said an unknown medical condition could be to blame for faulty levels of marijuana in Diane's system, but Elizabeth says that's simply not possible. "The THC [marijuana's active ingredient] itself was extremely high. It was 133 nanograms per mil. If I got a sample several hours after somebody smoked, I would see numbers like 2, 3, 5, 7 nanograms per mil," she says. "It peaks very quickly when you smoke and disappears very quickly."

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