Since losing his father, brother and friend that tragic day, Mike Bastardi says he and his wife, Jeanne, have been taking things one day at a time.

Read statements from the Bastardi family.

Mike says he dismisses Tom's statements because none of the witnesses he interviewed were under oath. "They're taking the toxicology reports and just throwing them out the window," he says. "It's facts. The medical examiners, state police, they did their job. The facts are there, and he did not even consider it. It's just outrageous."

Jeanne says she doesn't believe Tom has any actual evidence. "There are no recorded cell phone calls. There are no voice mails. So what he's giving up as evidence is just what they're saying happened," she says. "Those cell phone [calls] in between, that's what we want to uncover. Were there adults that knew she was very intoxicated and neglected to call 911? The state police have assured us, had that happened, they would have issued an Amber Alert and maybe we all wouldn't be sitting here today."

Mike says he also thinks Daniel Schuler is hiding something. "In the beginning, [he] refused to speak to state police, denying this whole thing about the drugs," he says. "There's seven innocent people that were killed in this accident. And not to try to make the truth come out would make this clear for everyone and every victim involved is ludicrous and just shows me signs of guilt."


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