Daniel has hired a private investigator to search for answers.

Read a statement from Daniel.

Private investigator Tom Ruskin says Daniel is convinced alcohol and pot did not cause this accident. "If [the investigation] led us to a bar, then he would have lived with that. That's not what our investigation has shown thus far," Tom says. "We have not shown that she was ever drunk in her life. Every person that we've interviewed, from high school through her adult life, has told us they never saw Diane drunk. She occasionally did have a drink, but she would even mix it with additional mixer, so she wasn't drunk."

When asked about the vodka bottle found in the car, Tom says Diane brought the liquor for her husband. "The way that the Schuler family describes it is she did have a tendency to bring the bottle back and forth because, during the week, Daniel would like to have a drink and she was somewhat frugal," Tom says. "We reasonably believe that's the bottle that was in the car."

In fact, Tom says his team has only found one other bottle of alcohol in the family's possession. "If you're an alcoholic, you have bottles hidden everywhere," he says. "There was one small bottle of alcohol in their home that was for his father, who they call 'Papa.' And Papa drinks Scotch, and there was a three-quarter bottle full of Scotch."


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