It had been a sleepless night for Melissa and Seth, who sat chatting nervously the next day, awaiting Lisa's arrival. She was right on time, and after awkward introductions and small talk about their shared obsession with Top Chef, serious discussions began. They covered Lisa's health habits, family medical history, and her reason for placing the child for adoption—for financial reasons, and the fact that Lisa and her husband weren't prepared to start over with a fourth baby. Lisa even showed Melissa and Seth pictures of her three kids, who were happy and healthy.

When they were finally ready to part ways, Melissa said, "It was so wonderful to meet you. Seth and I definitely want to talk about things. I'm sure you and your husband do as well." And then she asked nervously, "Would it be possible for us to call you tomorrow?"

"You can call me later tonight, if you'd like," Lisa offered, smiling warmly.

Melissa and Seth smiled back. Something just felt right about this woman.

When they spoke later that evening, it was decided. Both parties wanted to move forward. In a matter of weeks, Melissa and Seth would have a brand-new baby!

And on December 30, 2008, the day before Seth's birthday, Noah Benjamin was welcomed into the world, with Melissa and Seth in the delivery room by Lisa and her husband's side. Two days later, on January 1, Seth and Melissa finally brought their baby home.

"It was so poetic starting the New Year with our new son," Melissa reflects. "Noah means 'rest,' and we feel like after this long journey, we can finally do just that."

The inspiration behind Facebook Fairytales

Emily Liebert is an award-winning, internationally published writer and the author of Facebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit, her debut book. Her first novel, Conversations with Friends, is soon to follow. Find more about her writing at

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