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For that morning your boss wants you at the meeting taking place at the same time your child has a violin recital; you need to go to both, except that your aging mother-in-law's car just broke down and you have to go pick her up because—arrrgh!—your husband is traveling for work.
mug wisdom

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Maybe the takeaway here is that you don't have to dance, sing, parent, design perfume and star in your own documentary, all between sunrise and sunset. can do what you want to in the span of a day. (This mantra came to a woman doing—yep, you guessed it—yoga.)
Because the universe also knows that editing is the only way to change that voice in your head.


...Just in case you had one of those long, horrible nights when you mistakenly thought happiness was figuring out how to put $2 million in your 401K by the end of the month.

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Finding yourself is a noble goal—but sometimes hard to accomplish, as cookbook author Aliya LeeKong realized after discovering this mug. Creating yourself, on the other hand, is "deciding who you want to be" and taking "actionable steps towards that life, starting right now."

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Because the universe knows that the best way to give advice is to ask the right question.