1. Do you feel people can't be trusted?

    As a child, were you treated unfairly or abused?

    Do you feel that people you are close to will betray your trust?
Your emotional style could be Mistrust.
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  1. As a child, were you put down or made to feel inept?

    Do you fear you won't succeed at anything, no matter how hard you try?

    Do you feel that you don't deserve the success you've had?
Your emotional style could be Failure.
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  1. Do you feel that if people knew the "real" you, they would see that you're flawed?

    Do you feel a sense of shame that keeps you from letting people get close?

    Are you drawn to people who are critical and rejecting of you?
Your emotional style could be Unlovability.
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  1. Do you hold yourself to the highest standards, but feel it's never good enough?

    When you were young, were you made to feel you could always do better, no matter what you accomplished?

    Do your relationships or health suffer because you push yourself too hard?
Your emotional style could be Perfectionism.
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  1. Do you often feel that people don't really care about your needs or tune into your feelings?

    Do you often find yourself in a caretaker role with others?

    Are you drawn to relationships with people who are cold, or self-absorbed?
Your emotional style could be Deprivation.
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  1. Do you often have the fear that something bad will happen to you or a loved one?

    Do your fears keep you from doing things that you would like?

    Are you overly preoccupied with worries about health or finances?

Your emotional style could be Vulnerability.
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