Oprah: I understand that it's obviously something I believed about weight and what it can do for you—I think it's about 'You can't have it all. You can't be pretty too'...and I don't believe you can have it all at one time.

Debbie: Go back and look at where you learned 'I can't have it all,' and that time when that caused that blockage in you. If you experience what that is, it will release and you will realize that you can have it all. Most of us have that belief that we can't have it all.

Cheryl: It depends on how we define 'all'...what is the all for you? Maybe you can be beautiful. Maybe you can be successful. Maybe you can have a lot of money and maybe you can be thin. Maybe that is the truth of your all.

Oprah: I have a whole thing about this. I was on the Vogue cover and I was looking oh so fabulous...I couldn't stand myself! When we were shooting it, and I first saw the Polaroids, I just went in to a boo hoo state. The reason is that I never perceived myself as a pretty girl. And the fact that Vogue is the standard for beauty in this country and that I could be put on the cover of Vogue...what happened is after I was on the cover, I got a lot of nasty letters from people saying, 'Who do you think you are?' And what I recognized inside myself is that I backed down saying, 'OK, I am not that person.'

Debbie: Really what you're saying is 'If I am everything, they won't like me.' That is very common for most of us—If I'm too pretty, or I'm too articulate or too successful, or if I have too much love...[they won't like me.] When you were on the cover of Vogue, that was your moment of having it all, and then you got nasty letters. So I bet if you look, that caused you pain.


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