"Spring has finally arrived, and with it, renewed hope and a fresh start."

Oprah, from O at Home Spring 2005

"When the weather's nice, go outside. Take a walk. Ride a bike. Throw a Frisbee. It's all moving, and it's all good."

Bob Greene, from the show Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? with Peter Walsh

"When you talk about 'spring-cleaning,' it really makes it an event rather than a process. I'm much more a fan of the concept that spring-cleaning or organizing is something you have to tackle in a little way every day."

Peter Walsh, from his Oprah Radio show Everyday Spring-Cleaning

"Think of your backyard as an outdoor living space. Divide the backyard into rooms: a space for eating, sitting, playing and entertaining. "

Nicholas Walker, from an Oprah.com exclusive

"Finding the magic and wonder within nature is the most assured means by which children rediscover the joy of life. There is nothing as special as nature."

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, from his Oprah Radio show Celebrating Nature

"Springtime, which is when your testosterone levels are actually at your lowest, is when you lose the least hair."

Dr. Oz, from the show 300 Men Ask Dr. Oz

"My point is this: Spring is here! So this Saturday, I'm taking back my life...If something's gotta give, it's not going to be me."

Lisa Kogan, from O, The Oprah Magazine April 2007

"There's just something special about cooking and eating outside. I don't care if it's just a hot dog: If you make it outside, it tastes better."

Art Smith, from O at Home Summer 2007

"As you may have noticed, spring is here. The days are getting longer, the birds are singing flirtatiously, and the mild weather is greening up the scenery. Add seasonal events like graduations, bridal showers, and Mother's Day, and there's one conclusion that's pretty hard to escape: It's time to throw a party."

Susan Spungen, from O at Home Spring 2005

"Now that it is nicer out, I am walking a lot more. I think it is really important to take advantage of the good weather and be as active as I can outside!"

Kathleen, a member of the Harpo team, from an Oprah.com exclusive

"It's a very feminine spring season...The colors are almost as if they're washed out by sand. You see a lot of light colors that are faded out but in a very sensual way."

Brian Atwood, from Nate Berkus's Oprah Radio show Brian Atwood on Spring Fashion

"Surely, beneath the ice, spring bulbs are dreaming of green."

Catherine Newman, from O, The Oprah Magazine December 2008

"Delay deadlines wherever possible, into the spring and summer when your energy will help you get them done. It is no coincidence that spring cleaning generally occurs in the spring."

The LLuminari Experts, from an Oprah.com exclusive

"I think everybody should have a little garden, no matter where you live. Having green things around you changes the way you feel."

Oprah, from the show Oprah’s Neighbors Throw a Party and Jamie Durie’s Flower Pot Makeovers

"Instead of going to the movies, instead of going shopping, go outside, play softball, go to the park."

Ali Wentworth, from the show Oprah Fridays Live with Halle Berry, Frugal Teens and Luke Russert

"I'm a huge believer in the importance of active play for the kids and of getting them in the fresh air as much as possible (weather permitting). At my house, on weekends, I try to get the kids out by 9 a.m. at the latest. Regardless of the time of year, getting out early—while our bodies and minds are still fresh—and running around in the fresh air makes such a difference for all of us."

Jessica Seinfeld, from an Oprah.com exclusive

"Spring can promise warmer days spent doing nothing much (and nights spent at clubs near beaches, with other 20-somethings drinking beer and checking out the evening's possibilities)."

Chandler Burr, from O, the Oprah Magazine May 2007

"Take your cooking outdoors. It's the season for grilling, so why not take advantage?"

Jean Chatzky, from an Oprah.com exclusive

"Folks like me sustain an ongoing attempt to spring clean, but something in us always protests. It makes us cling to possessions we don't need, hesitate before discarding things, and set discouragingly ambitious rules about how de-cluttering should happen...With this in mind, walk into any room of your home and focus on 10 random objects. As you consider each, ask yourself (1) Do I truly need it? (2) Do I truly adore it? (3) Would I trade inner peace for this? The answers can help curb your pack-rat impulses, allowing you to clear out and move on."

Martha Beck, from O at Home Summer 2006

"Sunshine makes my body feel alive and strong." 

Susan Mitchell, author of The Tao of Movement, from O, The Oprah Magazine January 2007

"Children...should be playing with a baseball and riding a bike, not holding a joystick."

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, from his Oprah Radio show Children and Technology

"I need a big rose with some color in it!"

Oprah, from the show Oprah’s Gardens: A Private Tour

"No strange colors...Black and other neutrals are always slimming, not easily dated, and (lucky for you) in major abundance this season."

— Adam Glassman, from O, The Oprah Magazine April 2007

"Go beyond spring cleaning and establish a year-round set of traditions to keep your home organized and clutter-free."

Peter Walsh, from an Oprah.com exclusive

"Because it's spring—you know it takes us a long time to get spring in Chicago—I wanted to do a nice thing for my neighbors."

Oprah, from the show Oprah's Block Party

"Go outside! I mean, even leaves from a park are beautiful in a clear glass vase. I'd rather see that than fake anything any day."

Nate Berkus, from the show You’ve Got Questions, Nate’s Got Answers

"This is a classic look that I love for spring. Blend a little bronzing gel everywhere the sun would naturally hit your face—the forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose—then swirl a tawny blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush."

Bobbi Brown, from O, The Oprah Magazine April 2007

"Anything I can do outdoors, I'm in for it."

Kirsten Gum, from the Peetes' Oprah Radio show Cash and Treasures

"Since all those plants we order in fits of midwinter madness actually do show up in the spring, demanding to be stuck in the ground, the garden really does become more beautiful and fecund and mysterious (or at least more crowded) every year."

Michele Owens, from O, The Oprah Magazine March 2007

"Anything metallic goes. Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories—you name it. They're classic and seasonless—and all over the spring 2009 runways."

Adam Glassman, from O, The Oprah Magazine December 2008

"Get your home sparkling, inside and out."

Peter Walsh, from an Oprah.com exclusive