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I use this example from the teachings of the New Testament: "With God, all things are possible." Now, what does that leave out? All things means all things. Excuses are thoughts that tell you what you can't do, how difficult something will be for you, that it will take too long or that you don't have the luck or the ability to create the life you want. By thinking in awareness, you correct your mind and allow all the things you need to show up in order to have your life work the way you want it to. This kind of thinking will remind you that you do exist in a place where all things are possible. I encourage you to apply this consciousness to all of your old thinking habits.

Try aligning yourself with these affirmations in place of their old excuses:

Excuse: It will be difficult.
Affirmation: With God, all things are possible.

Excuse: I'm too busy.
Affirmation: With infinite patience, I produce immediate results.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, author