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6. When You've Got Socks in Your Sink
I may offend some readers. But here goes: Women need to stop putting crap away every two seconds. A house must be not-filthy (sorry, I just can't advocate mold, dirt and yuck), but not every toy, shoe, game, CD, key, knife, screwdriver or pair of underwear needs to be put away in its proper box, drawer, basket, cabinet or recycling can—which is decorated with cute handwritten labels. In fact, stuff can be strewn all over the place, and you can still fling open your doors and welcome in all kinds of guests, all of whom will be excited to come to your less-than-pristine rooms. Why? Because you're using all that tidy-up time to eat or laugh with those guests. Or you're using it to read or exercise or paint or do something else alone that enriches and expands your life, so that you're happy and, most importantly, not resentful of the people you live with who throw their socks across the room and into the sink. Chinese fortune cookie says: Wearing wet, soapy socks just once will train family members to keep dry laundry out of the kitchen forever.