Intuition asks for directions. The part of your brain that's able to take advantage of the unified field wants to know what you want it to find. Write down a positive goal for yourself. Instead of "I want to lose weight" make the goal "I have a slim, lovely healthy body that I am happy to be in" and really feel that (it is not easy at first). Then notice the ideas, things in your environment, even people or ads, that you used to walk by and write those down. You will surprise yourself by coming up with a healing program that works for you.

Scientists used to believe that you were born with a set of genes that to a large degree determined things like obesity, depression, illnesses you would acquire and your rate of aging. Science has now found that your genes do change. What changes them? Environmental factors and experience. Research scientist and author Dr. Bruce Lipton has made major breakthroughs in showing that our bodies can change as we retrain our thinking. Now, in many ways you dictate how you experience things, and your own body makes some of the most powerful, mind-altering drugs you will ever have in your body!

From your couch right now, try allowing yourself to really feel your body healed, and when problems arise in your head, talk to them and convince them of another way. You may surprise yourself with your own ability to reason with your health and change the very "hardwiring" of your body.

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