Naturally, I agree. And I think there's a lot more to it. Facebook is a community. It's essentially a 400-million-person self-help group, where people can go to offer thumbs up, share good news, report on important developments and upload photos of their family and friends. Whereas regular email in-boxes can be jam-packed with pressure-inducing messages, I've found (and have learned the same through extensive research and polling) that interactions on Facebook—both personal and professional—are typically much more upbeat. In a society where everyone's always "super busy," "swamped," "harried," "overwhelmed" (name your heavy adjective), Facebook is a happy, healthy place. An escape, if you will, from the many stressors we're exposed to in our daily lives. For this reason, it seems to foster a happy, healthy attitude.

And this happy, healthy attitude is powerful, magical even. It's changing people's lives in ways they never imagined possible, as is evidenced through the stories in Facebook Fairytales.

One of the most significant examples of Facebook's profound positive influence is Seth and Melissa Edlavitch's story, "Waiting for Baby." After years of battling infertility, including a host of unsuccessful treatments and a failed attempt at surrogacy, in addition to a tragic stillbirth of twins, Seth and Melissa turned to adoption. Faced with the prospect of mounting bills and an extended wait time, their dream of starting a family became a daunting one. Until they turned to Facebook.

You'll have to read their "fairy tale" to find out how the world's most popular social networking site had a hand in their happily ever after. I hope their story will inspire and encourage people to "pay it forward," as so many hundreds of millions of users around the globe already are.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, this is just the beginning for Facebook.

Something tells me the 25-year-old wunderkind knows whereof he speaks.

Emily Liebert is an award-winning, internationally published writer and the author of Facebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit, her debut book. Her first novel, Conversations with Friends, is soon to follow. Find more about her writing at

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