New Shoes

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New Shoes
"I love working with women," says Thomas Khadafy, a top-selling shoe salesman at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. "They come in relaxed and in a good mood."

Khadafy knows that cute shoes can make your day but can also die a slow death in your closet. He has a few ways to avoid buyer's remorse:

"The most important thing is to pay attention to foot size. A lot of women are steadfast, saying, 'I wear a 7,' but size varies according to the designer. European shoes are narrow, so you may have to go up a size. I've noticed that when a woman shops with her friends, they'll convince her to get a style she's never going to wear. Trust your own instincts, and don't cave in to that peer pressure.

"If you're looking for something new: The colors this season are navy and gray. Chocolate brown is big, too. And for fabrics—this season it's velvet.

Use shoe pads. We all have different problem areas, and few of us can afford custom shoes. These little cushions can make almost any pair you have feel more comfortable."