Just a decade ago, girls were considered so at risk for low achievement that the Ms. Foundation launched Take Our Daughters to Work Day, so mired in low self-esteem that a best-selling author declared American culture "girl poisoning."

But today:
  • There are 124 girls for every 100 boys in high school advanced-placement courses.
  • There are 158 girls for every 100 boys in high school academic honors societies.
  • There are 169 girls for every 100 boys in co-curricular activities.
  • Because young women now earn 57 percent of all bachelor's degrees, many colleges have lowered admission standards for boys.
  • In 1972 one in 27 high school girls played sports. Today one in 2.5 does.
  • Currently 41 percent of high school athletes are girls, and there are approximately 755 more women's college sports teams than men's.
  • Today among African-Americans, women earn 66 percent of the bachelor's degrees, 58 percent of the MBAs, 61 percent of the law degrees, 61 percent of the medical degrees, 57 percent of the dental degrees, and 61 percent of the PhDs.
  • Women account for 53 percent of all African-American workers and 60 percent of African-American managers and executives.
  • More women graduate from college: 100 white women for every 76 white men who do.


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