The Man Who Came Back to Life to Vote
Registered nurse Ty Houston saw an elderly man collapse at a Detroit polling station and rushed to his aid. The man had no pulse, and Houston was sure he had died. Houston administered CPR, and when after a few minutes the man was revived, he sat up and asked, "Did I vote?" He had. Read the whole story for the detail that makes Houston's story especially shiver-inducing.

The Sandy Who Survived Sandy
Superstorm Sandy was responsible for unprecedented damage and lost lives in New York City and the surrounding areas. Then there were the hundreds of animals lost, orphaned or injured by the storm. One dog, named Sandy, of all things, went missing after the storm blew open the door of her family's home in the hard-hit Rockaways. Amazingly, two weeks later the 11-year-old Lab was reunited with her overjoyed people. Find out how a dedicated volunteer made the reunion possible here.

Sending Hugs to Sandy Hook
In the words of President Obama, "Our hearts are broken" in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. As each of us tries to find a way to deal with the senseless grief of it all, people have banded together in big-hearted and beautiful ways. (For example, this hash-tag.) One group of industrious crafters has found a unique way to reach out and to give the surviving kids an extra hug for the holidays: Their goal is to knit 600 cuddly creatures before Christmas for the children—and just possibly, as one participant put it, "a feeling of safety through the night." See the cute creatures and find out more about the organization here.


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