After you've contemplated the specific qualities that are important to you in a partner, write your list out in ink on a beautiful sheet of stationary. As you write each word, imagine you are living with your soul mate right now, giving thanks for his presence in your life. Feel the feelings of joy, happiness, passion and peace that come with knowing that the hands of fate have reunited you with your beloved.

Releasing Your List
Now that you've created your list, it's important to release it with some kind of sacred ceremony (be sure to keep a copy of the list somewhere for future reference). By symbolically releasing it, you are surrendering your attachment to how, where and when your soul mate will arrive and are allowing the universe to handle the details. As Deepak Chopra writes in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: "In order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn't mean you give up the intention to create your desire; it means you give up your attachment to the result."

Pick a special day to perform this ritual. It can be a full moon, a new moon, a Friday (the day of Venus, Goddess of Love) or any other day you deem special. Select a time of day and location that feels right for you. Begin by reading your list out loud, allowing the feeling of every word, trait, quality and desire to ripple through you. Then, as an act of faith that your wishes have been heard and granted, put it into a fire-safe container and burn it. As your list is turning to ash, know that your deepest intentions are being handed over to unseen forces that will orchestrate the time and place when you will one day meet your soul mate. Release the ashes into a body of water (the ocean, a river, a lake, etc.), or if that isn't possible or practical, plant them in a garden.

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Take a few minutes to sit quietly with your eyes closed, feeling your heart opening and expanding and knowing your prayers have been released to the powers of the universe. In the quiet of your heart, send a message to your beloved that you are looking forward to seeing him or her soon.

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