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Wendy says long before she had heard of the "law of attraction" or The Secret, she knew she could change her life by picturing exactly what she wanted. "No one has ever taught me this," she says. "I have just known that in my soul. It's so awesome because it's not something that we have to go get somewhere. It's something we all have within us."

After years of bad relationships with men, Wendy says she decided to focus attention on herself. "I deserved something better," she says. "I was not going to waste my time anymore. And the moment I made that really clear decision, I met the greatest man I've ever known in my life."

Cheryl says though everyone wants good relationships, bad relationships don't have to be all bad. "The gift of the bad relationship is you get very clear [about] what you don't want anymore," she says.

While Wendy found what she was looking for almost immediately, Cheryl and Louise describe finding things they were looking in stages or in waves.

"You're always being steered." Martha says. "If I start to go the wrong way for myself, my body starts to hurt and I know immediately [to] pay attention."