Martha Beck's vision board

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In addition to affirmations, a vision board is a great way to visualize the positive things you want to bring into your life. When creating your vision board, Martha says you shouldn't expect a straightforward process. "I get in a really calm place. I go to my core of peace, and I taste what is delicious in the future. It could be something I've never heard of, or it could be just the essence of something. I'm not sure what it is. And then I go through magazines or on the Internet, and I find pictures of things that represent that to me. It could be the actual object or it could be something that has the same feeling."

Some of the things Martha put on her vision board were money, friends and spirituality. Martha says she also included pictures of people on the board—poets Mary Oliver and Maya Angelou, author Alice Walker and even Oprah! Martha says she wasn't looking to meet these people, but instead put them on her board because she admires their spirits.

Martha says you need to be careful that you really want what you put on your vision board. She says one day she pasted a picture of puppies on her board because she thought they were cute. "Now I have a yellow lab and a golden retriever," she says. "They need so much walking, it drives me nuts."

Joking aside, Martha says has received many of the things she hoped for on her vision board, including a visit to Africa. "I have to say, as I was putting it together to bring here, I realized that I have to add more because everything on this board has already happened," she says. "It happens so fast now I have to keep making new ones."