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They've Learned to Always Keep Miracles Up Their Sleeves
Elisa Frazer, RN
Tidewell Hospice, Port Charlotte, Florida
Elisa Frazer has worked in health-care administration for more than 30 years and is now a nurse case manager at an inpatient hospice house, where she cares for the dying and their families.

"As a nurse, I always fixed things; now I had to learn to fix things in a different way. I can't make my [hospice] patients better, but I can improve their situation. I can make sure we get financial aid for a funeral if the family can't afford it. I can arrange a wedding, which I've done several times. Once we had sixty people here for a catered affair, and it was actually beautiful. The bride wore her wedding gown to sleep that night. In another wedding, the groom was only in his twenties, but he had a brain tumor. His girlfriend had just given birth, and we had their wedding in the gazebo, with the six-month-old in her arms. It was so touching because the groom was able to stand up for the entire ceremony. These are like little miracles we can make happen."