Enhance Your Life
"When you get, give; when you learn, teach!" — Oprah

It's a simple but powerful way to use your life and connect with others—start a "Kindness Chain." Performing acts of kindness is one of the best and quickest ways to improve your life.
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Pass It On!
All you have to do to start your own Kindness Chain is do something nice for someone else…that's it! Encourage them to "pass it on" so the chain isn't broken.
Create your own Kindness Journal.

Keeping Track
Create a Kindness Journal to document your chain as it grows! On the inside cover of a notebook, write your name and address, and ask that the journal be returned to you when it is full. Write down your first good deed and give the journal to the person you did something nice for so they can do the same for someone else! Not only are you spreading kindness, you're creating a book of inspiring stories.
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Community Involvement
Perform good deeds in your community, at school, or at work. Do something nice for one of your friends, a random acquaintance or a group of people.
Baking cookies

Small Acts of Kindness
Start as big or small as you like! Baking cookies for someone, helping with housecleaning or even babysitting can make a great link in a Kindness Chain.