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Your Last 15 Bank Transactions Have Been for Other People
The college-fund contribution for your niece. The family's health insurance. Your mom's kitchen cabinets. Lunch for your co-worker. The baby shower gift for Sukie. That cute ring for your BFF who just got dumped. The tennis shoes, ice skates, violin tuner, chapter book, Pokemon cards, stuffed duck, purple goo that is somehow branded as a toy, Rainbow Loom and Frozen DVD that your kids could not survive another day without.

Yes, the way life is, you may have to spend more on others than on yourself; but take 10 dollars in cash, put your name on it—physically, in ball-point pen—and stuff it in your desk drawer. Repeat each time you realize you've taken care of everyone but yourself until you have 100 dollars, then deeply consider ideas on which to spend it (running shoes, anybody?)