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You Care, Deeply, About the Neighborhood Bird-Watching Tour You Started on a Whim
You've been setting up a neighborhood bird-watching tour, and your husband makes some offhand comment about it that cuts you to the quick. This might not feel like an "Everything is on track in this beautiful life of mine!" kind of moment, but it can be. Not only does it show you care about the things you are doing (and are doing the things you care about), but after the initial sting, the criticism can make you think about the project in a new way, or give you an idea of how to make it even better. Maybe he grumbled about how early you've called for people to meet, and maybe (I know, this is going to sound crazy) he's right, and maybe others will feel the same way; and maybe, just maybe, this is your chance to make it better for everyone involved. Because if it's worth it, you want to make it better. And if you make it better, it will be worth it.