What kind of resolutions have you created this year? Are they realistic? Attainable? Motivational speaker Mike Robbins explains why it's important to set goals with intention.
Most people I know and have worked with over the years have a somewhat funny or disempowered relationship to goal setting for the new year. Whether they're people who spend lots of time and energy creating their New Year's intentions or they decided years ago that they wouldn't bother (since in years past, by mid-January most of them have gone off the rails or out of your mind anyway), I don't know too many people who are genuinely inspired, motivated or empowered by their New Year's resolutions in a sustainable and real way.

Here are some of the main reasons I think you aren't authentically inspired by your goals or empowered to make them happen:
  • Your goals are often about fixing what you think is wrong with yourself
  • Once you set them, you feel a sense of pressure to make them happen
  • You worry that you won't accomplish or achieve what you want, and then you'll feel like a failure
  • You don't get the kind of support you really want and need
  • You forget that your intentions are designed to support you, not stress you out
  • You get too focused on the outcome and forget about the experience
  • You allow competition and scarcity to take over
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