Ridesharing reduces gasoline usage, vehicle wear, traffic, stress, pollution, and dependency on foreign oil. With every 100 people who pair up daily and rideshare for a year, we keep 1,848 pounds of hydrocarbons, 1,320 pounds of carbon monoxide, 792 pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 2,376,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. You might even make a friend or two.

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  1. Find a rideshare partner. Ask a co-worker, fellow student, or friend.
  2. Check with your company or school to see if there is an organized rideshare program.
  3. Follow these guidelines:
    • Meet new rideshare partner(s) before your first commute.
    • Discuss preferences like seating arrangements, music, eating, cell phone usage, and smoking.
    • Set up a probationary period to try out the arrangement.
    • Provide information about your rideshare partner(s) to someone else in case of emergency.
    • Create an equitable driving and cost arrangement.
    • Be punctual.
  4. Do something meaningful with the $2,520 you save.


  • Only 10.2% of workers rideshare.
  • 45.3 cents per mile is the average cost to drive a car due to fuel, maintenance, tires, depreciation, and insurance.
  • $2,174 can be saved annually by each person in a 2-person, 40-mile roundtrip rideshare.
  • 12,000 gallons of gasoline would be saved each year for every 100 people who paired up into a daily rideshare.
  • 20 pounds of CO2 is produced by burning 1 gallon of gasoline.
  • A 10% nationwide increase in transit ridership would save 135 million gallons of gasoline a year.
  • 34% of roads are in poor or mediocre conditions due to heavy usage and lack of proper repairs. Save your car, the roads, and your tax dollars.

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