The Buddy System
You've got to get somebody to do this with you. This can't be a friend who lives across the country, but find a friend who lives close by so you can get to them when you need them. There are two reasons why having a buddy is important. First, you need the support to do this. You need somebody to whom you can open up and show your emotions. Somebody who won't judge you when you cry and someone who makes you feel comfortable when you need to get a good cry out. Secondly, this person needs to hold you accountable. They should be the person who will ask you, "Did you write in your journal today?" and "Are you acting, not just waiting to be rescued?"

Your buddy should not be your husband or a male companion because many of us have been taught that our support needs to come from a man and this is not true. Your affirmation needs are much deeper and your needs must be filled by yourself. A female buddy will help you stay on this path. Remember, people in your life may not like it when you start to change the script of who you are. That's because they have become accustomed to you being disposable all the time. You won't be able to fix yourself if you are surrounded by the people who help break you. You need to minimize the access they have while you are recovering. So, your buddy will walk with you on this journey.


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