Joy of Giving

One last thing: Remember that the recession isn't happening only to you. The whole world is in financial rehab right now. Everyone is affected. Happiness research reveals a strong link between happiness and altruism. Psychologists call it the "feel-good, do-good" phenomenon. It works in two ways. First, when people are happy, they tend to give more. Second, when people give more, they are happier.

Another key to beating the economic blues is to give more to others. Your giving doesn't have to be monetary; although it definitely feels good to throw some coins in a charity box. Giving can also mean little acts of kindness, a note to a friend or offering some support. Research indicates that the number of people engaged in volunteering has increased in the past two years. To be happy, be a friend to others. It's one more way we can get out of this recession together.

Robert Holden, PhD, and his innovative work on happiness and well-being have been featured on The Oprah Show and Good Morning America and also in two major BBC TV documentaries, The Happiness Formula and How to Be Happy, shown to more than 30 million TV viewers worldwide. He is the author of the best-selling books Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens! and Success Intelligence. His latest book, Be Happy, is published by Hay House. Robert lives in London with his wife and daughter.


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