Have Faith

People who have a strong spiritual faith report greater-than-average happiness. Also, they are able to handle crises with a bigger perspective and more optimism. Spirituality is very personal, and it is essential therefore that you work out for yourself what inspires you and what you believe in. No one can give you a faith; you have to choose one, or not. Happiness research shows conclusively that one of the best predictors of enduring happiness is if you have a spiritual faith that you practice daily.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has set up a special interest group on spirituality and mental health. Accumulated evidence shows that spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, yoga and tai chi can help you to de-stress, feel more balanced and enjoy each day more. Most importantly, a spiritual faith is often practiced in community, and it encourages us to look past our individual egos. Also, most spiritual faiths remind us that happiness is our true nature...minus our neuroses. In other words, happiness is an inside job.

Invest in You

A classic mistake in tough times is failing to look after yourself properly. Difficult challenges are made more difficult by self-neglect, self-sacrifice and depriving yourself of the proper care and attention you need. To be happy, you must never compromise on your health. Your health is more valuable to you than any amount of money you can borrow or earn. Therefore, invest in you. Be true to yourself. Know what your strengths are, and use them. Above all, don't wait for things to get better before you start treating yourself better.

Being healthy helps you to be happy. Committing to a regular exercise program improves your mood and your confidence. Remember, exercise can be fun. Get off the treadmill and join a dance class, for instance. Following a healthy diet improves your energy levels. Learning to cook a signature dish can also be great fun. Also, make sure your body gets enough sleep. It's virtually impossible to be exhausted and be a nice person! Sleep well; live well. Remember, your life gets better when you treat yourself better.

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