Make Some Fun

If you are too preoccupied with the pursuit of happiness, you may be in danger of forgetting how to enjoy your life. Modern life is so busy, manic and hyper you may see your best friends less than you want, you're too tired to have sex with your partner, and you can't find enough time for your hobbies and passions. Making a conscious commitment to having fun can be the creative spark that makes you enjoy your life instead of waiting to be happy.

My favorite proverb is, "He who tickles himself can be happy whenever he wants." Obviously, some types of fun require money; but not all. A picnic in the park costs less than a meal at a restaurant; a film night at home with friends is cheaper than a bunch of cinema tickets; and a massage from your partner should cost you less than a spa treatment! People who decide to enjoy themselves generally do.

Count Your Blessings

On my eight-week happiness course, participants keep a gratitude journal in which they log at least three things a day that they are either thankful for, made them smile or genuinely inspired them. The positive effects of doing gratitude exercises like this are well documented. In a nutshell, the more you practice gratitude, the happier you will be. Also, it's practically impossible to be grateful and neurotic. Gratitude boosts your mental health.

The happiest people are not the ones who have the most in life; they are the ones who appreciate life the most. Research shows that people whose main focus is financial wealth are the least happy. One reason for this is that they are too busy striving for eventual happiness to appreciate what they already have. A rich person is someone who can enjoy his or her life as it happens. Gratitude opens your eyes so that you can see the blessings in your life now.

Have a Little Faith


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