How can you be happy when the world is in financial meltdown and tax rates are soaring, personal debt is at record levels, unemployment is spiraling out of control and our trusted pensions are threatened with extinction?
The economic slump shows no sign of improving in the short term, so you are faced with the seemingly impossible challenge of staying positive and upbeat. Your happiness may feel like it's under threat, yet happiness may be the key to getting you through this dark night of the economy.

Until recently, psychologists dismissed happiness as simply a "pleasurable emotion with no evolutionary value." The theory was that happiness feels good but it isn't useful. However, new psychology research reveals that happiness has a powerful effect on the brain that helps you to think broadly, to be more resilient and to come up with creative solutions for difficult situations. Happiness helps you to bring out the best in yourself.

My new book, Be Happy: Release the Power of Happiness in You, gives you a front-row seat of my happiness course, also called Be Happy, which has been tested by independent psychologists and brain scientists who judged it to be "a genuine fast track to happiness." Here are 10 tips to help you recession-proof your happiness and beat the economic blues.

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