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Q: Hi, Marianne. Is there a way to ask God for a life partner? What I mean is that I really want to share my life with a man I can trust, but I have not been able to meet anyone special. I also want to know if there is a way I can communicate—not physically, but in spirit or soul—with an ex-boyfriend and try to make peace so I can move on.

— L. E.V., San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dear L,
Your highest prayer would not be, "Dear God, please send me a life partner," but rather, "Dear God, please make me the woman who my life partner would quickly find and deeply love." The love that saves us is not a love that might come to us in the future, but rather the love we can give to whomever is around us right now. Everyone you meet, in God's eyes, is special. Our ability to see the love in everyone we meet is key to our ability to both attract and keep a more intimate partner.

Regarding your ex-partner, absolutely you can heal with him in spirit. Pray for his happiness every day, and tell him in your heart that you both apologize for your mistakes and forgive him for his.


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