Jamie Shipp hopes to give a mother and daughter in the Philippines the gift of independence by purchasing equipment to start a home bakery. Tess is 59 and cleans homes to support her family. Her daughter-in-law Leah also cleans houses and is employed by Jamie's parents who live in the Philippines.

As a young mother, Tess had to leave her family and move to Manila to earn a living. She saw her son, Alvin, only once a year while he was growing up. Alvin married Leah and had a son of his own. Tess's hope for her daughter-in-law Leah—mother to mother—is that she can raise her son without having to live apart from him.

Tess, Alvin and Leah have been saving over many months to buy a stove to start a bakery, but the price just keeps going up and they worry they may never save enough. Enter Jamie, who uses her challenge money to buy the stove—and a mixer and microwave! She gives them the leftover cash for extra items to start their bakery.

Jamie regrets that she cannot present the gift in person, but she is on the phone when her parents deliver the news. Tess and Leah are overwhelmed. Later Leah calls Jamie to thank her. "She just kept saying over and over, 'This was our dream. This was our dream. You are an angel. We will bake, bake, bake.'"

A shopping spree for two new moms